Runaway Freight will release a new project from Switchtrack Records on March 6th 2009 at the Bread and Jam in Eagleville Tennessee.

"Hillbilly Bailout" has 13 public domain songs and 2 originals written by band member Matt Ford. In order to keep cost down and provide their fan base with an affordable CD, the band made the decision to record a project that would not require the usual "red tape" of releasing a CD. The CD will sell for $10.00 off the merchandise table after the release. You can save a couple of dollars by ordering yours early.

We will be honest with you folks, we don't know for sure if this bailout will benefit all Hillbillies. We hope that it will at least put you in a lighthearted mood when you listen and read the album credits. We recorded most of the songs in a live setting (the way they use to do it) with no studio gadgets.

"Auction", No Room" and "Train 45" had a small amount of overdubbing for lack of getting everybody at the studio at the same time. The other 12 songs are "Boneyfide Hillbilly Real".

In our humble opinion, if it don't make you want to dance then , "yer jes a hillbilly hater." Remember: Don't hate the hillbilly; hate the hill."
(Capitol, that is)

~ Song Samples ~

01 - No Room
02 - Pretty Polly
03 - Close Encounters of the Road Kind
04 - Nine Pound Hammer

Come Join Us for the CD Release Party:
March 6th at bread and jam at the Eagle Bread and Jam in Eagleville, TN © 2006 - 2017
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