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Matt Ford and Chris Smith were both looking to start a band and began attending a local jam together on Tuesday nights. Justin Ford, Matt's younger brother, also attended. On one of the Tuesday night jam sessions, they met a character by the name of Samuel "Lou" Morgan and began to play a bi-monthly show regularly at Allen's Market in Lebanon Tennessee.

After a few months, in December of 2003, they decided to officailly start a band. Carrie Haycraft was also on board. They recorded their first CD project in February and March of 2004 which they sold at their shows and the bookings started coming in.

In 2005, Carrie decided to leave the group and Matt, Chris, Justin, and Lou went back into the studio and recorded another CD entitled "Traveling On" and released it to various Internet Radio streams. They received positive reactions from DJ's worldwide and in August of 2006 they declared professional status.

In 2007, Runaway Freight recorded an all-gospel CD entitled "Welcome Aboard" at Tom T. Hall's studio in Franklin TN which was released in December of 2007. In March of 2008, the title cut "Welcome Aboard" was released on Primecuts of Bluegrass and received great reviews from bluegrass media outlets and radio disc jockeys alike.

In November of 2008, Runaway Freight recorded their fourth CD entitled "Hillbilly Bailout - The Recession Tapes" at C&C Recording Studio in Eagleville TN and was released on March 6th of 2009 and is their latest recording project.

Runaway Freight is an energetic, fun-loving, and entertaining bluegrass band full of surprizes - you never know what they will 'pull out of the hat' at their shows, but it's guaranteed to be a fun time to those of all ages.


Comments from DJ's regarding "Welcome Aboard"

"An inspiring gospel number that will have the listener patting their foot from beginning to end. Excellent guitar breaks help to make this a memorable listening experience." - Wayne Bledsoe KMST

"A great tune and a fine performance! You guys just keep getting better and better! Can't wait to hear the rest of the new CD! See you in Kendallville!" - Joe Steiner WLFC

"The best new gospel song I've heard lately." - Paul Morris WXKO/WTCW

"Runwaway Freight is a good up-and-coming band" Billy Dunbar KKRF/

"I really like this group." - Gary Tilley WDSL

"Profound gospel message. Great talents." - Wayne Nault WYKX

"Superb singing and music." - Graham Hassall Radio Nightingale

"This is downright bluegrass gospel in its finest from. This song has it all. The lead and harmony vocals are just outstanding, supported with superb instrumentation and highlighted with creative sound effects. Love that train whistle. I'm going to get on board too. " - Sonny Van Gelder KBCS



What Folks are Saying About Runaway Freight

Runaway Freight started in December of 2003. They recorded their first CD in 2004 and a second in 2005. They declared professional status in December of 2006 and recorded their 3rd CD "Welcome Aboard" in 2007. They have received great reviews on their latest CD and the tilte cut was selected for Prime Cuts of Bluegrass Volume 92 for March of 2008.

Here are some things that folks are saying about Runaway Freight:

"You guys did a great show at the Liars Contest. I've never really been a bluegrass fan, but I became one that night." - John Henson (Daily Herald - Columbia, TN)

"Runaway Freight is an unlikely name for this quiet, polite, unassuming, free-spirited group. I love their attitude and their music. This month they're my favorite band!" - Tom T. Hall

"Whenever a group that's new to me requests one of our songs to record I always catch my breath,after all, these songs are the children of our souls and we have to trust they will be well treated. I'm sure glad we took our chance with Runaway Freight. Their performance is, to say the least, remarkably fulfilling. We feel they are as part of the family. Welcome Aboard guys!!!" - Dixie Hall

"This next group is top notch in my opinion and I've been in bluegrass all my life. Put your hands together and make welcome Runaway Freight." - James Johnson (Rocky River Theatre)

"I particularly liked the way these boys melted together to form a unit of fun and bluegrass music and it's conveyed in their performances … and they do it - their way! - Gracie Muldoon (, Station Manager)

Runaway Freight was named "Artist of the Month" on for April of 2007 and March of 2008!

"Boys , you stole the show this weekend. I want to get y'all back down here next year"
(Rabbit Riddle - Horse Pens 40 Festival - Steele,AL)

"Ladies and gentleman, this group has played the Williamson County Fair the last two years and my bluegrass festival in Franklin, Tenneessee for the last three years and they are as good or better than anybody you will see on the grand ole opry." (Being introduced at the Williamson County Fair by Tommy Jackson - emcee and festival promoter)

"Matt, you guys have got a great sound , just hang in there" (Gary Booher - from The Boohers)

"You guys did a good job tonight. Lots of folks were bragging on you when they were checking out."
(Jennette Gregory - owner/manager of Bell Buckle Cafe



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