Hi Folks!

This is a note to let everyone know about a few new tunes available for download on your favorite listening devices.

Last October, while preparing for the last tour of 2019, we had a cancellation in Ohio due to an unfortunate kitchen fire.

Thinking it might be a good opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons, we contacted Tony's Treasures studio in eastern Ohio. As luck would have it, they had time available, so we piled in for a few days of writing and recording.

Five new tunes made the cut after we were finished, and we present all five to you now. Normal procedure would have been to return and record more tracks for a whole new CD.

However, the Corona virus has pre-empted any attempt at returning. So instead of holding out, we've decided to put out the tunes for your downloading pleasure, along with a new format for purchasing single tunes or albums. Just click on the title or album cover for a preview and purchase.

Ruby's Groove: A Blues Swing sure to improve your mood.

Goodbye To You: A tune about that big mistake we've all made at some point.

Back In The Swing: A swingin' little instrumental for your listening pleasure.

Let's Start Again: The Blues meets Country music for a groovin' shuffle.

Albatross: Sad news to hear that one of my favorite all time bluesmen, the inimitable Peter Green, has died. A tribute to him and his most beautiful song.

Health & Happiness to All

~ Jimmy ~



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